Meet the platform

What is this site?

Lawsy is a law firm discovery platform – the site is all about helping you discover legal companies quickly. Our content is mostly in the listacle format (list + article). The beauty of the listicle format is the content is concise, scannable, and easy to read.

One big difference between this site is I believe in data privacy. Your data shouldn’t be monetized and sold by huge tech companies who are taking your tastes and preferences and selling them to advertisers (including companies like Cambridge Analytica).

Does this site make money?

Currently we do not make any money. In the future we may sell advertising space.

What technologies are we currently using?

Our stack is simple. I want to keep it that way. Here is a list of the current technology platforms.

Who runs Lawsy?

Its one man show! It's created and maintained by myself - Rob Duncan.