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What does goes moral character mean?

In the U.S. government's definition of good moral character, a person applying for citizenship must have been of good moral character for at least five years prior to their application.

According to the law, a person is not of good moral character if:

A person convicted of an aggravated felony after November 29, 1990, even if the conviction took place more than five years before applying for citizenship. When seeking citizenship, a person should consult with an attorney if they are unsure whether their prior misdemeanor or felony qualifies as an aggravated felony under U.S. immigration law. If an individual has never been convicted of a felony, the United States government may decide to review that individual's entire history prior to the five years of good moral character to determine whether that individual has good moral character.
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If my naturalization application is denied, what happens?

You will have the following two options: (1) The denied applicant may request a N-336 Hearing with a new hearing officer; (2) the denied applicant may petition a federal district court to review the application.
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Is it possible to apply for employment authorization if I am approved for deferred action?

Yes. Individuals who meet the criteria and receive deferred action approval may apply for work authorization.

What rights do immigrants have in the United States? What about non-immigrants?

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that many, but not all, of the Constitution's fundamental rights apply to all people within U.S. borders-including aliens whose presence is illegal. Equal protection of the law is guaranteed by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. Further, the majority of persons present in the U.S. without documentation are provided with basic procedural rights, including a hearing before an immigration judge, interpretation services, reasonable notice of the charges against them, etc.
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Do I need a lawyer to apply for U.S. immigration benefits?

An immigration lawyer is not required to apply for and receive immigration benefits. Nevertheless, the immigration system can be extremely complex. Lawyers who specialize in immigration law can assist you with your application strategy and help you navigate immigration law. An immigration lawyer would be the best choice if you expect any difficulty with your case. All of the instructions and applications for immigration are online free of charge.
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Can I immigrate to the U.S. for humanitarian reasons?

Humanitarian reasons may allow some individuals and families to immigrate to the United States. This category includes refugees and asylees fleeing persecution in their countries of origin, as well as those who have been granted special visas for the purpose of resettling after suffering serious crimes or trafficking. In order to gain entry to the U.S. for humanitarian reasons, immigrants must first undergo a thorough screening and comply with specific rules and requirements. It's always best to consult with an immigration attorney before applying.
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