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Traffic and speeding tickets can be annoying and confusing, so we found some information which might help you.

How do I pay a traffic ticket?

Traffic tickets or traffic warrants (as well as city ordinances, red light cameras, and parking violations) can be handled by contacting the City of Austin Municipal Court at 512-974-4800, or visiting the court's website: Municipal Court. Paying traffic tickets can be done over the phone at 512-974-4640 or via the Internet, through the mail, or in person at any of the court locations.
Source: austintexas.gov

Where can I learn about costs and fees?

You may see a list of violations and corresponding fees at: traviscountytx.gov
Source: traviscountytx.gov

What is the duration of a speeding ticket on your record?

According to Texas law, the speeding offense will remain on your record for three years after you are convicted.

How can I get my ticket dismissed?

There are many reasons why a traffic ticket may be dismissed by the court. There may be an instance when your citation is deemed to be invalid, such as: the officer fails to appear in court, an error on the ticket, and faulty equipment.

What is deferred adjunction?

Deferred adjudication allows you to dismiss a moving violation if it does not appear on your driving record during your deferment period. Your violation will be dismissed if no violations appear on your driving record during the deferred period. Most violations are eligible for deferred adjudication. In the event of a Deferred Adjudication, you will be assessed court costs, plus an administrative fee, and told how long the Deferred Adjudication will last (30 to 180 days). As soon as you pay court fees and administrative fees, your Deferred Adjudication begins. In court, you will be told how long your Deferred Adjudication will last. You must appear on the scheduled arraignment date.
Source: bexar.org