14 Top Bankruptcy Law Firms in Dallas, TX

Use this list to find the best Bankruptcy attorneys in Dallas, TX. We suggest you contact at least three firms to determine which one best fits your budget and comfort.

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Bankruptcy can be a daunting process, so we found some information which might help you.

Is Chapter 7 right for you?

According to Judith Swift, Chapter 7 is meant for people of modest means who are unable to repay debt after paying their monthly living expenses. Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not allow you to restructure secured debt, catch up on past-due taxes, or restructure secured debt, but there is no repayment plan, and your personal liability on most credit card debt is discharged, thereby allowing you to start over.

What should I do before making an appointment with any law firm?

If you intend to make an appointment with a lawyer, ask them to send you information regarding their legal processes, pricing, etc.

Can you file for Bankruptcy more than once?

Certainly. You may need to wait a while between filings if you had a discharge in your previous case or your case was dismissed before discharge. Additionally, it depends on the Chapter you previously filed and the Chapter you wish to file, and on any special timelines the Court specified in a dismissal order.

Can you discharge traffic tickets and other goverment fines in Bankruptcy?

In general, fees and fines due to a government agency are not dischargeable. Examples include taxes, traffic violation fees, parking tickets, and criminal restitution.

If I am married, does my spouse have to file bankruptcy?

According to Minor & Jester, No. While a married couple has the right to file a joint bankruptcy, just because you are married doesn’t mean your spouse must file too. In many instances, the spouse has little debt and good credit.

How does bankruptcy affect your credit score?

A bankruptcy will always negatively affect your credit report, and it will remain on your report for seven to ten years. However, most people who file for bankruptcy already have several negative marks on their credit report.