24 Top Dallas DWI / DUI Lawyers

Use this list to find the best DWI and DUI law firm in Dallas, TX. We suggest you contact at least three firms to determine which one best fits your budget and comfort.

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Getting a DWI or DUI can be stressful, so we worked hard to find you come information. If you still have questions, our team will be happy to help!

How much our DWI Lawyer fees in Dallas, TX?

The process of getting a DWI conviction in Texas is expensive, but many defendants are unaware of the true costs, even for first-time offenders. In the case of a first-time DWI conviction, the total cost might reach $15,000, $20,000 or more.

How do I select a lawyer?

You should take your time. You should also understand the business aspects of DWI defense. Attorneys who specialize in DWI make their living through both volume and quality. Although high quality legal defense for DWI is more expensive, it often pays off. How your DWI case turns out is crucial to the future of you and your family. Therefore, selecting a high-quality attorney is usually the right choice.

I failed my breath test. Do I still stand a chance in court?

Yes. These tests are prone to a number of inherent issues due to the testing equipment and procedures used. When you thoroughly inspect the circumstances of your arrest, it may become obvious that the officer did not follow the proper procedure, or that the equipment malfunctioned at the time, or that your performance on the field sobriety test was affected by other factors.

If I refuse to contest the charge, what will happen to me?

As the penalty range varies depending on your record, it is impossible to say for sure. However, for first-time offenders, a plea bargain properly negotiated will usually result in probation. People with more than one previous DUI conviction may also be eligible for probation under certain circumstances.

Can I refuse a breath test?

Before refusing a breath test, you should understand what will happen next. Refusing to take a breath test during a traffic stop leads to a 180-day suspension of your license. A second refusal will result in your license being suspended for two years. By knowing your rights, you can make the best decision for yourself. Source Burleson, Pate & Gibson, L.L.P.