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What are different ways to become a US citizen?

You can become a US citizen in multiple ways including Automatic citizenship, Applying for citizenship through naturalization, Derivative citizenship after parental naturalization, and Military service.

What are some resources for Immigration and Refugee in Dallas, TX?

Here is a list of resources from Dallas county. The list was adapted primarily from the "Directory of Refugee Service Agencies" of the Volunteer Guide to Refugee Service Agencies in Dallas/Fort Worth c/o Linda Abramson Evans, United Nations Association USA-Dallas Chapter, www.dallas-una.org/committee-on-refugees

What documents do I need for a marriage green card?

It can vary from situation to situation how many documents are required, but in general the couple must provide proof such as the sponsoring spouse's citizenship or permanent residency; a copy of their marriage certificate; evidence that the marriage is authentic; and evidence that they can financially support the green card applicant.

How much does a green card cost?

The total cost for each type of green card application can vary. Fees for marriage-based green cards are $1,760 if the spouse is living in the United States, and $1,200 if the spouse lives abroad, in addition to other costs, such as a medical examination fee.

When and how can I apply for U.S. Citizenship if I am a lawful permanent resident?

Accorinding to foxrothschild.com, "Eligibility depends upon a number of factors. Generally, a person will have had to be a lawful permanent resident for 5 years in order to apply (or 3 years based upon marriage to a U.S. Citizen)."

Can a deportation order be appealed?

Yes. An alien has 30 days to appeal a decision to the Board of Immigration (BIA). The matter can be appealed to the US Court of Appeals if the BIA rejects the alien's application. If the Court of Appeals also rules against the alien, the matter can be appealed to the US Supreme Court.

What is Form I-693 (Medical Exam Results)?

A spouse (or other family member) seeking a green card is required to provide a Form I-693 containing the results of a required medical examination. Applicants applying from within the United States must undergo a medical examination by a doctor approved by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), who provides a signed Form I-693.