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Getting a traffic ticket can be a pain, so we found some information which might help you.

How many points do you get for traffic tickets in Dallas, TX?

According to Todd E Tkach, n Texas, you only receive points for convictions of “moving” offenses. No points are assessed for convictions of “non-moving offenses.” Moving offenses are defined as “an act committed in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle on a public street or highway, which constitutes a hazard to traffic and is prohibited by state law or city ordinance.”

Can a non-moving violation affect my driving record?

Most of the time, non-moving violations will not affect your driving record, nor will they accrue points. In some cases, non-moving violations may cause other serious problems. For instance, drivers without liability insurance and drivers who drive with invalid licenses are subject to a $750.00 surcharge that must be paid over a three-year period.

How long do traffic ticket convictions stay on records?

If you are convicted, it stays on your record forever. However, convictions only affect your record for three (3) years.

Can you discharge traffic tickets and other goverment fines in Bankruptcy?

In general, fees and fines due to a government agency are not dischargeable. Examples include taxes, traffic violation fees, parking tickets, and criminal restitution.

Can I get a "temporary" license if my license is suspended?

Indeed. Texas law gives you the option of obtaining an occupational license if you have a suspended driver license. Occupational Driver Licenses are designed to allow you to drive to and from work.

Do traffic tickets affect my insurance rate?

Hawkins & Walker state, it depends on the type of traffic ticket and your insurance company, but most insurance premiums will increase with even a single traffic ticket for a moving violation. The result may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars more per year for your auto insurance either as soon as the violation hits your driving record or when you renew your insurance.