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Bankruptcy can be dificult, so we found some information which might help you.

Is it possible to file bankruptcy on my own, without an attorney or a non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparer?

If you file for bankruptcy, you may encounter complex legal issues, so it is often advisable to seek legal advice. However, an individual may file bankruptcy pro se (pronounced "pro say"), a Latin term that means "on their own behalf." Source Justice.gov

How can I learn more about the bankruptcy means test?

Information about the bankruptcy means test is available on the Program’s Web site at: Means Testing.

Is it possible to file bankruptcy more than once in Texas?

Chapter 7 cases cannot be discharged if you have received a discharge under a Chapter 7 case filed within the last eight years or a Chapter 13 case filed within the last six years. In a Chapter 13 case, you cannot receive a discharge if you received one in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case filed within the last two years. Source: TEXASLAWBANKRUPTCY.COM.

Do bankruptcy filings stop bill collectors from calling?

Yes. Bill collectors cannot collect debts under the automatic stay.

Do I have any chance of getting my Texas driver's license back if I file for bankruptcy?

For people who lost their license because they could not pay court-ordered damages after an accident, bankruptcy may allow them to regain their license.

If I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, will I have to surrender all of my assets?

No. Both the federal government and Texas law provide bankruptcy exemptions. You can choose which exemptions you use in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

To begin the filing process, what paperwork do I need?

You must gather a list of all your debts, past and present, as well as your assets and obligations and a statement of your financial affairs. In order to begin the bankruptcy process, these documents and others must be submitted to the bankruptcy court along with a filing fee. Source: MarilynGarner.com

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