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Good to know...

Getting a Patent or Trademark can be difficult and stressful, so we found some information which might help you.

Do we need to perform a patent search?

Yes. Before submitting a patent application, you should conduct a patent search. The purpose of a patent search is to determine whether a given technology has already been patented, and to determine the scope of protection that may be available. Furthermore, a properly conducted patent search can assist a patent attorney in crafting the strongest possible patent claims and a good patent application. Source: Texasinvent.com

A patent application is confidential, right?

It is, but only for 18 months. A patent application is confidential for 18 months after filing, but then becomes public. It is possible to file a non-publication request, but using this process can jeopardize international rights and should be carefully considered. This approach may be helpful if only a U.S. market is contemplated, or if the applicant wishes to preserve the ability to keep the technology a trade secret if the U.S. application fails.

In Texas, what are the requirements for registering a trademark?

For a trademark to be registered in Texas, there are three basic requirements:

  1. Before the filing date, the mark must be "in use" in Texas.
  2. It must be distinctive.
  3. The mark should not be too similar to any mark already registered with this office or with the USPTO that it may cause confusion or mistake, or deceive, when applied to the relevant goods or services.

Source: Tx.us

Can I register a mark without a lawyer's help?

Yes, although the office can help with the nuts and bolts of completing an application, the office cannot provide legal or business advice. The majority of applications submitted by non-attorneys are initially rejected. A lawyer can advise you on the best way to protect your intellectual property.

What is the procedure for maintaining my Texas trademark registration?

Texas registrations expire after 5 years unless the owner submits a renewal to our office within the last 6 months of the 5-year period. The mark must still be in use at the time of renewal. See Form 902.

What is the link for the Patent and Trademark office?

The Unitsed States Patent and Trademark Office website is located at https://www.uspto.gov/.