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Getting a traffic violation can be difficult and stressful, so we found some information which might help you.

I missed my traffic court date and the court advises me I have a warrant. What can I do?

As soon as possible, you should post a bond to prevent being arrested. There are two ways to do this.

Posting CASH BONDS involves posting your own cash money with the Court in the amount of bonds that the judge has set. It's basically putting up your own money with the promise of appearing at some future date. Your bond money can be taken by the court if you do not appear, and new warrants will be issued for your arrest if you do not appear.

Alternatively, you can pay a bondsman or a bonding company a non-refundable fee to post SURETY BONDS on your behalf with the Court to remove the warrant. It is less expensive than posting the entire bond amount in cash with the Court. Similarly to cash bonds, if a surety posts bonds on your behalf, you must appear for court dates or warrants will be issued again for your nonappearance.

What is the correct court etiquette?

Being on time is of utmost importance when you attend traffic court. Get there early. Appearance is equally important. Please refrain from wearing shorts and tank tops. During court sessions, you must turn off your cellular phones and pagers, stop talking, and put your reading material away. Source: Sullolaw.com

Speeding is always speeding, right?

In Texas, it is legal to drive over the posted speed limit as long as you are driving safely. Safe driving depends on many factors such as the time of day, the weather, and the road conditions.

What should I do if I can't pay the fine immediately?

You can ask the court for an extension of time to pay the fine and court costs if you are unable to pay them all at once. You should be prepared to provide the court with certain financial information in order to assist the court in making payment arrangements if you cannot pay the fine and costs when they are assessed. A Financial Statement Form will need to be completed. Source: Hctx.net

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